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Create business vitality and maintain long-term competitiveness

CPDC is the main supplier of upstream raw material for resin, engineering plastics and three major types of synthetic fibers including nylon 6 fiber, acrylic fiber and polyester fiber.

CPDC positions itself in Taiwan, expands business in Asia and seizes collaboration opportunities with international corporations from Europe, United States, and Japan. CPDC will continuously create business vitality and provide the supreme quality and superb service. Meanwhile, in the fast-changing petrochemical industry, CPDC strives to maintain the long-term competitiveness.

CPDC Charges the Central Regional Office of the MOEA of Unfair Practices
Declaration of Environmental Protection with Carbon Absorption.
CPDC Achieves Multiple Awards in Corporate Governance
Main Products
CPDC is the global top 5 Caprolactam producer, global top 10 Acrylonitrile producer.
Global Prospect
Consolidate petrochemical business, business diversification, overseas and China market extension are the three major development streams for CPDC
Stakeholder Engagement
Stakeholder Engagement
update: 2017-04-25