Modality for Cooperation

Research and Development Department has well-experience in developing monomer, polymerization technology and engineering plastic. Our team require integration from upstream to downstream, with 3 types of cooperation modality to provide our customer total solution.


R&D work collaboratively with local and foreign business in financial or technological from monomer development to product sales to establish product chain to market competitivity. Our team is experienced from formulation to production, providing professional suggestions to our clients from the beginning of evaluation or any stage of the process.


Researching on development of core technologies, including hydrogenation, esterification, polymerization, synthesis, amidation, compounding and purification. Continuously accumulating research work and developing technologies provide functional chemicals and total solutions to meet our clients requirement.



R&D has complete manufacture equipment and technology. For specialty chemicals, it equips with continuous, batch reactor and purification equipment. For polymerization, it has capacity for 800kg/day with continuous equipment. For engineering plastic, it has 9000MT/yr including single screw extruder, twin screw extruder to meet our clients’ requirements in any amount scales.