Committing to the pursuit of green environmental protection and ecological development,

Coexisting and co-prosperity with the earth, environment, and society.

Business Principles

CPDC believes in market orientation and the pursuit of excellence. We continue to innovate and improve the quality of our products and services. To maximize value for our customers and shareholders, CPDC provides products and services that are designed for customer satisfaction while respecting and caring for employees, customers, suppliers and the community.

Our ethos focuses on safety and health, saving energy, and respecting the environment with the aim of achieving “zero defects, zero injuries and zero pollution”. We spare no efort to practice sustainable operations and contribute to society.

Expansion in petrochemicals and land development. Deploying into overseas markets and mainland China. Creating new growth engines.

CPDC focuses on petrochemicals and land development in a two-pronged strategy for future development. To bolster and develop the company’s core petrochemical business, we continue to optimize our product competitiveness, develop a diverse range of high-value products and set up smart management systems. We aim to create long-term sustainable proftability and overall competitiveness.

In our land development business, we continue to search and deploy into overseas regions that indicate a strong potential for investment and to build environmentally friendly, energy-saving and carbon-absorbing green construction projects. We also continue to capitalize on economic development trends as we search for new growth engines for the company