Safety, Health, Environment Protection, Energy, High Quality Policy

In pursuance of achieving world-class standard and sustainable operations, CPDC not only adheres to customer-oriented as the fundamental principle to continuously improves quality and provides products and services that satisfy customers, but also upholds the philosophy of respecting our colleagues, customers, suppliers, and contractors, and community residents and caring for their safety, health, environment protection, energy savings, and carbon reduction, moving towards the goal of zero safety hazards, zero environmental pollution, and zero defects in our products. 

For the complete document, please refer to CPDC Environmental (SHEEQ) Policy.

Our Promise

Introducing Risk Management Concepts

Apply risk-oriented thinking to the planning and implementation of quality and environmental safety and health management systems, introduce risk management concepts, stay abreast of climate change issues, and commit to quality assurance, energy efficiency, comprehensive pollution prevention, health promotion, workplace safety management, and continuous improvement, to reduce operational risks.

Co-existence of Quality and Environment Issues

From the product life cycle perspective, with the aspects of energy, water resources, carbon neutrality, waste reduction, and green procurement to construct quality, environmental, safety and health and energy management processes, so that colleagues, suppliers, contractors, and customers are free of concerns of quality, environmental impacts, safety, and health, and coexist and prosper together.

Fulfill Demand and Expectations

Focus on the needs and expectations of stakeholders, ensure product quality meets customer needs, source control to reduce environmental impact, prevent occupational injuries and diseases in the production process, and continue to improve quality, energy, environment, safety and health performance.

Cooperation with all colleagues

Regularly monitor, identify, and assess legal and regulatory compliance, and integrate compliance obligations with management processes to enhance colleagues' ability and awareness of compliance obligations related to quality, environment, safety and health, and treat them as the responsibility of all colleagues.

Due diligence

Through due diligence to encourage companies in mergers and acquisitions and business partners to pay attention to the issues of quality, energy, environment, safety and health, and to jointly promote environmental sustainability.

Establish Harmonious Relationships

Make our safety, health, environment, energy and quality policies and relevant information publicly available, maintain good communication with community residents, gain the trust of the general public, and establish harmonious relationships.


Put the environmental protection and industry safety work in the first priority

Environmental protection and industry safety secures all employees in the plant. It is the obligation that an enterprise owed to the society and country. CPDC always put the environmental protection and industry safety work in the first priority and take it as primary concern.

Beside the related approach regulated by the government, CPDC also set up our own pollution prevention and safety operation procedures refer to that of other advanced countries. An efficient management system is established to enhance the environmental protection and industry safety. Each plant has established the following management systems: