Greenhouse Gas and Energy Management

In response to the Industries Voluntary GHG Emission Reduction Plan launched by the Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA, CPDC has implemented a series of measures targeted to mitigate the impact of climate change, actively promote industrial upgrade and green innovation. To achieve these goals, CPDC takes action to cut down energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission from daily operations and manufacturing processes.

CPDC's goal for energy-saving and carbon reduction is set to reduce 2% GHG emission per year. CPDC's Toufen, Dashe and Xiaogang Plants have launched the ISO 50001 energy management system and conduct GHG inventory every year based on the ISO 14064-l standards. According to internal estimations, CPDC Taipei Office and three plants have reduced GHG emissions in a combined volume of 26,080 metric tons in 2018.

Pollution Prevention

Currently, each of the CPDC Plants in Toufen, Dashe and Xiaogang has set up an environmental management system built based on ISO 14001 standards and verified by an impartial third-party. This makes ensure CPDC's pollution control and prevention during the production and manufacturing processes are fully compliant with the legal requirements and standards.

CPDC’s Environment Safety & Health Center works as the highest guiding unit to lead the company in carrying out pollution prevention tasks. Each plant also sets up the environment management specific unit and operates according to the environmental management system to conduct the potential pollution prevention and improvement.

Waste Reduction

Reduce pollution generated from the process of manufacturing through waste recycling and reuse.

End-of-pipe Treatment

Ensure the content of polluting substances is controlled under the low end of the standard values through releasing waste water into dedicated streams.

VOC Emissions Control

Reduce spread of VOCs through sealed manufacturing processes, waste gas recovery, sealed sampling system and use of low leak equipment components.

Environment Monitoring

Instant monitor the air quality and effluent water and link the system with the monitoring system of the industrial park.