QWhat is the sustainable development policy of CPDC?
QWhen is CPDC started to publishing the sustainability report?
CPDC published first sustainability report in 2013 and the following report will be published every June.
QWhat is the report basis of CPDC sustainability report?
The report is compiled based on the core option of the GRI Standards published by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
QWho are identified as the CPDC key stakeholders?
QWhat are the material issues in CPDC sustainable development?

Material Issues of CPDC Identified in 2017

Corporate Governance and Business Integrity
Major Investment and Development Projects
Business Performances
Risks and Opportunities of Sustainability
Supply Chain Management
Land Asset Management
R&D and Innovation
The Remediation Project at the Anshun Site
Climate Change Adaptation and Energy Management
Monitoring and Management of Environmental Pollution
Waste Circulation Management
Water Resources Management
Emergency Responses and Management
Occupational Health and Safety
Community Care and Engagement