Industrial safety is one of the key issues in sustainable development and the fundamental of the petrochemical industry. From workplace hygiene to employee health and safety, CPDC established a stringent risk management and response system to ensure the safety of all CPDC employees. For product quality, labeling and descriptions, and transportation process, CPDC has also set up comprehensive guidelines to ensure consistency in the quality and accountability on all products and to all customers.

Industrial Safety Risk Management

CPDC's Environment safety and Health Department is the designated unit for all risk management operations in CPDC, and an Environment Safety and Health Taskforce is set up at each of the plants in Toufen, Xiaogang, Dashe, Douliu and Qiaotou to coordinate for implementation of policies and measures. Each CPDC's plants are certified for ISO 9001 (Quality Management system), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System), ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System), ISO 50001 (Energy Management System) and ISO 46001 (Water Efficiency Management System). A system of hazard identification and risk assessment, coordinated with corresponding management, supervision and rectification measures, has also been implemented to prevent environmental, safety and health related hazards. Instant reporting and emergency response procedures have also been set up at the headquarters and the five plants to ensure that response measures are activated instantly and effectively in case of emergency to control the damages and facilitate quick recovery.

Underground Pipeline Maintenance

The 2014 gas explosion incident in Kaohsiung traumatized Taiwan's petrochemical industry and society. Even though CPDC was not directly involved in the incident, this incident highlighted the importance of the maintenance and management of underground pipelines. As a member of the petrochemical parks in Kaohsiung, CPDC has the responsibility to implement a full-scale review and improvement and answer to the stakeholders' concerns. To reinforce the safety of material transportation through the underground pipelines, more effectively manage the underground pipeline facilities outside of CPDC's plants, establish effective management procedures, prevent the potential risks rising from corrosion of pipelines inside and outside of CPDC plants or damages caused by improper digging, CPDC's Dashe and Xiaogang Plants set up the “Underground Industrial Pipeline Maintenance and Management Plan"

This plan covers management of the industrial underground pipeline maps and information system, field inspection operations, maintenance and inspection, underground pipeline integrity assessment and management, underground pipeline operations and control room management and management of changes in underground pipelines. Please download our 2014 Sustainability Report for more detail on underground pipeline maintenance issue.

Worker Safety and Health

In the area of worker safety and health, CPDC set up a safety and health management system based on the Taiwan Occupational Safety and Health Management System (ISO 45001)standard. CPDC's Worker Safety and Health System has been Certified by an impartial third party and implemented to provide our employees a safe and healthy workplace, as well as regular safety and health education.

We are committed to caring for the health of our employees through providing comprehensive medical care services. Every CPDC plant is staffed with a full-time nurse and a dedicated office to care for the health of our employees and the basic first-aid facility for emergency care.

To ensure our employees' safety during work, CPDC engages specialist physicians to evaluate the work process and environment for identification of potential hazards on a monthly basis, the physicians also evaluate the correlation between workers' health and occupational hazards and make recommendations for improvement based on the consolidated results of the various evaluations.

Product Liability

In product responsibility, CPDC implemented stringent quality management and control procedures in all stages of production from raw material sourcing, storage and manufacture to product output. Currently, the petrochemical industry is facing certain risks regarding overall operations and environmental issues. Therefore, we launched a series of product development projects in search of innovative manufacturing processes and green products that will lead us into a period of full-scale reform.

We understand that product responsibility and safety are not limited to the scope of internal management; external factors, such as supply chain management are equally important. Therefore, CPDC will gradually shift its attention to reinforce the management of the supply chain.

In the operations of product safety labeling, CPDC has implemented hazard warning labels to Caprolactam, Acrylonitrile, and nylon chip products, in compliance with the local regulations and established the Safety Data sheet (SDS). The content of the data sheet discloses full information on the composition, hazard identification, storage, safe handling and disposal of the products. In 2019, CPDC has not been reported for any violations relating to product safety labeling.