CPDC’s social participation strategy includes social care and education promotion two aspects. We wish to encourage employees to take part in social participation activities and implement corporate social responsibility through cultural and artistic activities donation, environmental and charitable activities assistant, social care, academic education promotion and cooperation, stakeholder relation maintenance.

Community Development

We believe that implementing stringent industrial safety and health policies and environment management is not only a key practice to bring CPDC high product quality, customer satisfaction and positive corporate reputation, but also an act of responsibility to local residents.

Community Care

CPDC's three plants are located in the designated industrial parks. Our ultimate goal is to become an integrated part of the communities. We understand that sustainable development is possible only if we are accepted and supported by the local residents and the competent authority.
CPDC implemented different modes of communication at the different plants, tailored to the different customs, traits and issues concerning the local community and residents. When the residents or concerned groups have questions regarding industrial safety and environmental impact associated with our production process, CPDC provides grievance mechanisms for complaints. When rectification actions are required, the responsible unit carries out rectification work and the General Administration Office keeps track of the progress.
To better integrate with local communities, CPDC actively participates in the community activities organized by the Taipei office and the plants, including the annual donation for local infrastructure development, funding for community watch programs, installing community surveillance systems, funding park care and assisting the communities to clean and disinfect the environment. We expect to promote holistic community development through sponsorship or participation, bringing our employees and the communities together to continuously improve the environment we live in and the quality of the environment.
In industrial-academic cooperation, CPDC Taipei office irregularly participates and sponsors the events and activities of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, Chinese Institute of Engineers, and other institutions in the field, including the various chemical engineering camps. Through seminars and camps, we expect to bring students to see the content of the petrochemical industry and the significance of our production, in an effort to attract more young talents to join the petrochemical industry through education.

Community Environment Quality Monitoring

We are aware of the importance of community care. Therefore, we have implemented regular environment quality monitoring procedures at CPDC's three plants in Toufen, Xiaogang and Dashe to ensure that environmental safety and health practices are effectively incorporated into the daily production activities. CPDC discloses the monitoring results to the local residents and makes the information available for public inquiry, which becomes an important method of communication between CPDC and the communities.

To properly manage and control the pollution and impact CPDC's plants bring to the local environment and the community from daily operations, and to ease doubts and rejection by residents, we require the plants to implement long-term monitoring procedures on the air and water quality, noise level and vibration in the surrounding area, as well as consolidating the statistics into reports. The reports are made available to the competent authority and Community residents through the regularly published monitoring reports, industrial park instant links, and government papers.

Environmental Protection and Social Welfare

CPDC Taipei Office and three manufacturing plants take initiative to organize social welfare activities in coordination with the Company's corporate social responsibility strategies. The CPDC Taipei Office continued the “Send Love to the Rural Areas" program in 2014, extending a helping hand to the children in the rural areas. This program targets on the low-income families not receiving substantial help or long-term sponsorships from other organizations.


Industrial-academic cooperation and education is one of the key aspects in CPDC's corporate social responsibility strategy. CPDC believes that, by demonstrating essence and significance of the petrochemical industry through education and letting the students to know the operations and missions of the company, we can attract more talents to come into the petrochemical industry with priority choice given to CPDC.