Business Layout

Expansion in petrochemicals and land development, deploying into overseas markets, mainland China, Creating new growth engines.

Strengthen the Core Petrochemical Business

Reinforce the competitiveness of existing products, product diversification with high value-added plus smart management systems are the solid foundations and strategies to make the company stable, profitable and competitive.

Expand business for Land Development

Seek potential overseas targets to develop new generation industrial parks and green cities with strategic globalization deployments.

Develop global deployments strategically.

Optimize our land assets.

Construct innovative and green buildings, leading carbon civilization.

Initiate the driving forces by new business, Expansion for globalization deployments.

Enter into new industries such as biotechnology and environmental protection to seek new opportunities for the company.

Intensify operation advantage

Grow up our high-performance R&D team further

Make full use of our leading technology, excellent production management and skilled workers.

Keep maintaining high quality to meet the needs of global market

Be customer-oriented , embracing the global market