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We are committed to create a working environment that is pleasant, safe, learning-oriented and tasks performing. Through our comprehensive program and training courses, assisting our colleagues to develop personal career paths, encourage them to reach their potentials that will achieve above all. Join the team that is full of enthusiasm and energy, on strengthening expertise as well as enhancing your capabilities.

Career Path

CPDC training system adopts a dual-track model of management and technical specialization, and provides different development paths according to the attributes of different levels and functions, combining the characteristics and aspirations of individuals to provide appropriate development paths to maximize their talents and sound career development for all employees, regardless of gender and race, with equal opportunities for promotion and development.

Full scale training and development program

Precise training system

We valued and thinks a great deal with our training system. It is our belief that throughout the efforts will make the company move forward continuously. Therefore, courses such as initial training, on-the-job training, professional skills training and self-development are all set out in the relevant provisions.

Annual training courses

Not only we organize regular classes, management training and general training courses each year, but we also hold a variety of courses and seminars from time to time. It has adopted the concept with the latest technology, skills and trends to help colleagues to expand their horizon.

Mentoring program

On top of the basic training courses, we will arrange and designated a mentor for newcomers, who can provide guidance for colleagues to take in our culture easily.

Professional training

We provide professional courses both internally and externally in the workplace. According to the regulations, colleagues will take and obtain licenses in their profession. Through job rotation, project assignments and overseas training, they will gain additional skill which enriches the depth in their field. Future planning and suggestions is also given that we can nurture a full aspect talents

Multiple learning channels

We encourage our colleagues to develop themselves and provide diverse learning options such as foreign language learning, self-studying and courses in digital knowledge. Equipped with training and support, we give them the opportunities to develop in their career.

Colleagues welfare

Excellent Salary and bonus

  • With our survey, the salary package has stood out or above average among the petrochemical industry. Beyond an outstanding salary, year-end bonus, performance bonus is also given according to the achievement of the company goal.
  • The management allowance is paid when you are in the role of a manager or supervisor.
  • We provide bonuses in three major festivals a year. One month salary for the Chinese New Year Festival. A half month's salary for both Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival.
  • An extra twenty days bonus will be given according to your attendance record throughout the year.
  • All staff must take the performance appraisal. Payroll adjustment and promotion will conduct accordingly.
  • The company charter is stated on employee compensation, actual distribution will depend on the profit of a year.
  • We cares about female's career development in petrochemical industry. Average Salary Ratio (Female/Male) is 1.03 in Rank 7, 0.85 in Rank 8, 0.85 in Rank 9 and 1 in rank 10. where rank 7 to 9 are manage level and rank 10 is executive. The data show that average salary between male and female is equal in executive level and its approach equal in manage level in 2022.
  • CPDC was selected for the constituent of the Taiwan High Compensation 100 Index(HC 100) in 2019.

Excess Benefits

  • CPDC is one of the listed company in Taiwan, which all rules and regulations are abiding by the labor laws. The relevant establishment and implementation, is at least equal or more on providing welfare benefits, including leave rules and working hours etc.
  • We have insured our employees for not only labor and health insurance but also group insurance, including life insurance, accident insurance, cancer insurance, and medical insurance. Furthermore, we provide preferential price for family members of our employees. In addition to the two benefits mentioned above, we also provide annual medical examination for colleagues every year.
  • During the COVID-19 epidemic in 2021, colleagues will be covered by epidemic prevention and vaccine insurance, so as to provide colleagues with more complete protection if they have adverse reactions due to vaccination, or when they are diagnosed, isolated and hospitalized due to the epidemic.
  • Retirement system:
    • Retirement system of Labor Standards Act:Designate monthly fund to the “Special Account of Labor Pension” of Bank of Taiwan according to the law for Years of Service in Old System.
    • Retirement system: Under the old retirement system, retirement reserves are allocated monthly according to the law and deposited into the "Labor Retirement Reserve Special Account" of the Bank of Taiwan;

      1. Provision ratio and status of provision under the old and new systems:

      Old system: Employers allocate 6.5% of workers' total monthly wages to the special labor retirement reserve account on a monthly basis.

      New system: Employers will allocate 6% of the workers’ total monthly labor retirement insurance coverage to their individual labor pension accounts on a monthly basis.


      2.Withdrawal status:

      Old system: As of 2024/01/31, a total of 107 people have been allocated.

      New system: As of 2024/01/31, a total of 1,018 people have been allocated.


      3. Procedures and conditions for employees to apply for retirement,

      Conditions for applying for retirement: "Working for more than 15 years and reaching the age of 55", "Working for more than 25 years" or "Working for more than 10 years and reaching the age of 60"

      Procedures for employees to apply for retirement:

      A. Retirement approaching: For colleagues who are 65 years old or older, the company will initiate the retirement application process.

      B. Meet retirement qualifications: Colleagues fill out the retirement application form, the unit supervisor approves it, and the Human Resources Department initiates the retirement process.


      4. Pension Management Committee:

      There are nine committee members and three officers. It meets once every quarter.

      The tasks of the committee are as follows:

      1. Matters concerning the review of the suspension of appropriation of labor retirement reserves.

      2. Matters concerning the verification of the amount appropriated for labor retirement reserves.

      three. Matters concerning the review of the storage and expenditure of labor retirement reserve funds.

      4. Matters regarding verification of the amount of labor pension benefits.

      5. Other supervision matters related to labor retirement preparations.

  • Welfare committees is instituted according to the law which we hold family and recreational activities annually. Various allowances are also provided such as scholarships for children, marriage allowances, birth allowances, funeral allowances, retirement benefits, etc.
  • Employee who has service more than half a year can participate in the Trusting program. By becoming a shareholder who will together make our company profitable.

About Human Rights

CPDC attaches great importance to the human rights of all colleagues, recognizes and voluntarily follows the "United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights", "United Nations Global Covenant", "United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights", "United Nations International Labor Organization" and other internationally recognized human rights standards, and complies with Taiwan's Labor Standards Act , and announced the "CPDC Human Rights Policy" to respect the protections stipulated in the human rights convention.

The company regularly reviews its operations, value chain, business activities and other related activities every year by paying attention to major social issues, data monitoring, questionnaires, etc., to identify and evaluate groups at risk and potential human rights risks. Based on potential risks Develop human rights due diligence and continuously monitor and improve plan implementation results

  • Human Rights Issues
  • Solutions
  • User privacy protection
  • For details, please refer to the "Information Security Policy" on the corporate governance page of the official website.
    The goals of information security management:
    (1) Confidentiality: Ensure the confidentiality of the company’s business-related information and protect company secrets and personal information.
    (2) Integrity: Ensure the integrity and availability of the company’s business-related information and improve administrative efficiency and quality.
    (3) Availability: Ensure that the company's overall information security protection capabilities are sufficient to meet operational needs.
    (4) Compliance: Comply with government regulations and continuously optimize the management effectiveness of the information security management system.
  • Personal freedom and security
    Guarantee of work and labor conditions
  • Please refer to the "Protective Measures for Employee Personal Safety and Working Environment and their Implementation Status" and "Human Rights Policy" on the corporate governance page of the official website.
  • Health Rights
  • Please refer to the relevant instructions on "Protective measures for employee personal safety and working environment and their implementation" on the corporate governance page of the official website.
    In 2011, the frequency of disability injuries in the company was 0, achieving the annual goal of zero occupational hazards and zero accidents. In addition to continuing to maintain the sustainable goal of zero safety hazards, we will continue to improve workplace safety management and provide a safer working environment. , as well as enhance colleagues’ safety awareness and develop work safety behaviors.
  • Freedom of speech and expression
    Freedom of assembly and association
  • Please refer to the "Channels of Communication" related instructions on the page “Employee Care” of the official website. In order to ensure that workers' opinion can be responded to and dealt with immediately and to achieve effective communication between labor and management, CPDC regularly holds regional labor-management meetings between labor unions and management representatives every quarter. The unions represent employees to raise issues related to work safety, environmental protection, wages, etc. Regarding issues related to welfare, personnel regulations, etc., the employer is required to respond, or to provide the employer with suggestions for improving the working environment. In addition, CPDC also holds company-level labor-management meetings every quarter, which are hosted by labor representatives and management representatives in turns. The meetings mainly discuss labor-related issues related to the company as a whole, as well as important operational changes that affect labor.
  • Child protection
    Prohibition of forced labor
  • Please refer to the "Human Rights Policy" on the corporate governance page of the official website.

Working is just a part of life.

We are holding numbers of leisure activities like exhibition and cultural shows to be taken part in, providing peer to communicate with each other and opinions exchanging are welcomed.