The New CBD of future Taipei

Core Pacific Plaza Inherits the Spirit of Tao Zhu, Promotes carbon capture against global warming with an ESG Business Park

Core Pacific Plaza Taipei

Corporate development upholds a“focus on humanity”, building a healthier, leisurely, and more efficient futuristic office space environment.

Taipei Core Pacific Plaza

Sculpture space combined with architecture and art. The formation of monumental architecture - from Tang Eng Iron Works to Core Pacific City, and the transformation to the Core Pacific Plaza.

Asia New Bay Area

Facilitate urban land development and usuage, revitalize urban mobility, improve living environment, and promote public interests.

Vietnam / Myanmar

Create overseas development opportunities. Adopt a high-level macro strategy to our land development business.

Key Areas of Land Development

CPDC Land Development, focused on major areas, including industrial park development, BES Cloud Universe Project, premium mixed-use office park, residential, property and facilities management, and real estate funds. The Company invest in various stages of the land development cycle, continually creating value from its land assets.

  • Investment management & joint investment projects
  • Cooperative development projects
  • Sales projects
  • Developing projects
  • Asset revitalization
  • Construction management

Co-op Opportunities

We look forwardd to working with professionals through joint development and new landmark planning, to infuse new energy and to lead speedy industrial development, to revitalize land resources and promote local community co-prosperity.

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