Establish A New Quality Lifestyle, Environmental Energy Saving Green Buildings, Multi-generational living spaces

Tao Zhu Yin Yuan is a Carbon capture, anti-global warming, vertical jungle, generatinoal legacy art residential space, designed as a art deco building landmark. Conceptually, carbon capture and anti-global warming is a key goal. In aesthetic design, we aim to develop a building worth preserving. In value, we aim to capture the spirit of Fan Li, Tao Zhu Gong, an ancient Chinese businessman, and his principles of friendship, wisdom, and loyalty. To become a globally unique art, humanities, and charity residential building.

Urban development has its lifecycle, historically important cities often face economic development and progress demands for improved functionality. From this, derives economic inefficiency and social order problems. From urban redevelopment, we aim to reviatlize urban land development with appropriate planning and redevelopment, revitalize urban functions, improve living environment, and public value.

Co-op Opportunities

We look forwardd to working with professionals through joint development and new landmark planning, to infuse new energy and to lead speedy industrial development, to revitalize land resources and promote local community co-prosperity.

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