Specialty Chemicals

O-Phenylphenol, OPP

O-phenylphenol is a downstream derivative of cyclohexanone, an organic compound made by CPDC in vertical integration. Applications include high-end optical materials, electronic materials, disinfectants, preservatives, synthetic new type resins and others.


High-end Optical Materials


Electronic Materials


Bactericidal Preservatives & Other

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Engineering Plastic PA6

Nylon PA6 is a material with high tensile strength, abrasion resistance, good oil and chemical resistance and excellent processing fluidity.

All these qualities enhance compounds made from Nylon PA6 (also known as “engineering plastics”) and give them a special performance advantage.

These composite materials have a wide range of applications in automotive industry, electrical appliances, machinery and equipment, construction and consumer goods, among other fields.


Electronic Components


Mechanical Components


Auto & Locomotive Industries


Sporting goods


OA furniture


UV Curable acrylate monomer

Methacrylate monomers can be polymerized or copolymerized with other monomers to form a broader range of products, mainly used in adhesives, resins and specialty rubbers. Applications include paper finishing, water treatment agents, paint coatings, PU modifiers, oil additives, synthetic dyes, cosmetics, food treatment agents.


Water Treatment Agents




Coating Agents


Paper-making Chemicals


Cross-linked Polymers



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Hydrogenation Technology

The CPDC R&D Center created its own catalytic development technology capable of producing and modifying catalysts. The self-designed high-pressure continuous or batch reactors are used to hydrogenate unsaturated compounds. Experimental parameters can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of each product for downstream applications.